Gender: Male
Origin: Albanian / American
ZEF BROZI, president of the Hightest Court of A against the will lbania. He re-opened the trial
against the opposition leader FATOS NANO against president Berisha will - an got sacked, 1998

ZEF KONI, “Koni, Zef, né ŕ Zid Sadi Ages, Gjakove (Serbie) le 12 octobre 1967. » - Naturalized in Belgium by article 74 of the constitution.
Published in Staatsblad / Moniteur on 3 May 2007; http://www.staatsbladclip.be/lois/2007/06/15/loi-2007009517.html

PARID ZEF PRENDI, on a list of applicants for police service, added to an article on police reform in Albania by ETLEVA DELIA "Tirana Observer“ May 22, 2008
(“LISTA me emrat e aplikanteve” - http://www.tiranaobserver.com.al/20060628/aktualitet.htm)

ZEF BALBONA, actor, in the Hollywood movie in “Body of lies” 2008, with LEONARDO DICAPRIO -