Gender: Male
Origin: .Hebrew
ZEBULON GRAY, presumably a victim of the sinking of the "Sultana", the Mississippi Titanic, in 1865. Variant ZEBELON. GENE ERIC SALECKER, author of a book about the Sultana disaster, wrote:
"Zebelon Gray - I searched through my files of soldiers that were at Camp Fisk but did not find Zebulon Gray. The only information that I found on Zebulon Gray comes from the Adjutant General's
Report for Michigan, 1865-66. Zebulon Gray is listed as a private in company G, 18th Michigan Infantry from Lenawee County, MI. He mustered out on June 26, 1865. This does not mean that he
was not on the SULTANA but in eighteen years of research, I have not found his name on any known list."

ZEBULON MURPHY JOHNSON, born 1951, from Syracuse, NY, American soldier who died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) - Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC - http://thewall-usa.com
(2009) Army - SP4 - E4, age 19

ZEBULON SIMENTOV, a carpet-trader and the only Jewish person left in Afghanistan. He ran a synagogue, 2010. Variants ZABLON; ZABOLON. The Taliban wrecked his synagogue and took his thora away, 2009