Gender: Male
Origin: Hebrew
YUVAL RABIN, son of Israeli Prime Minister YITZHAK RABIN who was assassinated in 1995

YUVAL NOAH HARARI, Israeli historian and philosopher and best-selling author: "Sapiens" (2011) and "Homo Deus"; official website
www.ynharari.com (2019)

YUVAL PELEG, Israeli historian and archeologist, one of the major scientists doing research on Qumran, like YIZHAR HIRSCHFELD, from Jerusalem University,
who did extensive research on the Qumran rolls and debunked the myth of the Essenic monastery: the caves were a library refuge for Jewish religious books
after the Romans had defeated them in AD 70

YUVAL JIBLI, 21, Israeli soldier, accused of "passive collusion" with NOAM FRIEDMAN, 22, Israele soldier and ultra-orthodox Jew, fired into a crowd of Palestinians,
injuring 6, in order to protest against "soft" Israeli policy, 1997. He knew of FRIEDMAN's plans but did not inform authorities