Gender: Male
Origin: French
YVES, Saint of May 19

YVES ST-LAURENT, 1936 in Oran, Algeria -2008 in Paris, French fashion designer

YVES MONTAND, 1921-1991, French actor in "La Menace" -1977; "État de siège" -1972 -
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YVES KLEIN, 1928 in Nice, France - 1962 in Paris; modern painter. In only 8 years of productivity he became world-famous with his blue monochromes - and patented his "Blue" in 1956

YVES ROCHER, founder of the Yves Rocher Group, inventor of "green" cosmentics. He died 2009 aged 79

YVES ROSSY, from France, aka "Jetman", crossed the Channel and the Grand Canyon in 2011. Sponsored by Swiss chronometer firm Breitling