Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic
YAHYA BERRABAH, from Morocco, competitor in the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens - athletics. He was also on the 2008 team in Beijing

YAHYA ABOU MUGHDEB, born 1979, from Syria, competitor in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, powerlifting

YAHYA AMRAOUI, “Amraoui, Yahya, né ŕ Dr. Ouled Oulyou (Maroc) en 1952.” Naturalized in Belgium by article 74 of the constitution. Published in Staatsblad
/ Moniteur on 3 May 2007; http://www.staatsbladclip.be/lois/2007/06/15/loi-2007009517.html

YAHYA JAMMEH, President of Gambia. 1990, at the age of 29 he forced himself into this office and had himself re-elected for life. He published that his
body is bullet-proof and that his hand can heal Aids. As a dictator he compares to ROERT MUGABE and MUAMMAR AL-GADAFFI. He retreated when
foreign troops invaded the caountry. Variant JAHYA

YAHYA HAMMUDA, Palestinian leader, predecessor of YASSER ARAFAT. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasser_Arafat, until 1969

YAHYA AYYASH, called "the engineer", leading bomb maker of the Palestinian Hamas. Full name YAHYA ABD-AL-LATIF AYYASH.
He was decapitated by a wireless phone manipulated by Shin Bet, an Israeli secret service. 1000,000 Palestinians attended the funeral.
Variant YEHYA - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahya_Ayyash - 2016

YAHYA HASSAN, was a Danish poet, nominated for the Danish Bookprize 2020 - but died at the age of 24 in May 2020