Gender: Male
Origin: American
YALE GALANTER, defense attorney of O.J. SIMPSON on his second trial, 2008. His website read: "Yale Galanter is a nationally recognized authority in the field
of criminal litigation. He is an expert in the area of criminal trial law with more than 20 years of experience" - http://www.galanterlaw.com/

MARTIN YALE NAMER, born 1948, from NeW York City, American soldier who died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) - Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC -
http://thewall-usa.com (2010) Army - WO - W1, age 21

YALE PARTLOW, was the second spouse of RAIN PRYOR, born 1969; married 2007, divorced 2012) - www.en.wiwikipedia.org = name, 2021