Gender: Female
Origin: Latin American
YAMILET GÓMEZ PALENZUELA, Animas No. 32 Ciudad de La Habana, listed in the etecsa.cu white pages of Havanna, Cuba, 2006

YAMILET KEREZSI, Puerto Rican member of the U.S. army. Exchanged greetings on http://www.elboricua.com/PuertoRicanSoldier.html, 2007
“Rank - E-4 SENIOR AIRMEN - Stationed in WHITEMAN AFB MO Job - RADAR MAINTENANCE JOURMAN Soy original de Añasco Puerto Rico. “

YAMILET CHEVEZ, a victim or a victim's relative or friend after hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Region of the United States, 2005; http://directv.com/see/pdf/DirecTV_Crawl_219-262_log.pdf
(2007) “I'm looking for Rolando and Yamilet Chevez and her two kids. They live in Kenner LA. Thank You Carlos Guzman 415-305-787 or 415-334-0047...”

YAMILET PENA ABREU, born 1992, from Dominican Republic, competitor in the London Olympics 2012 - gymnastics artistic