Gender: Male
Origin: American
WALLY SZCZERBIAK, born 1977, professional basketball player with the Boston Celtics, USA, 2006

WALLY POLLACK, in the conspiracy theory of Dr. RAY A. NEFF in his book "Dark Union", he
acted in the assassination of ABRAHAM LINCOLN as a murderer of LAFAYETTE CURRY BAKER, 1826-1868, "was a United States investigator and spy, serving for the Union Army, during the
American Civil War and under presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson." http://en.wikippedia.org/wiki//Lafayette_Baaker. - "...absorption spectrophotometer to analyze several hairs from
Baker's head, Ray A. Neff, a professor at Indiana State University, determined the man was killed by arsenic poisoning rather than meningitis. Baker had been unwittingly consuming the poison for
months, mixed into imported beer provided by his wife's brother Wally Pollack. The Lincoln Conspiracy by Balsiger and Sellier cites a diary Baker's wife kept which chronicled several dates Pollack brought Baker
beer; they correspond to the gradually elevated levels of toxin in the Baker hair samples Neff studied. Wally worked for the War Department, though whether he acted on orders or alone has yet to
be determined. Nevertheless, Neff's studies, along with the information chronicled in Baker's diary, serve to bolster a cogent and provocative alternate history of the Lincoln assassination, ..."
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Neff (2013)