Gender: Male
Origin: Spanish / German / Russian < Latin
VALENTIN, Saint of January 7; probably identical with VALENTIN, Roman Catholic Pope 827

VALENTIN KUPNJI, vice director of the Russian nuclear plant Tchernobyl. He warned of the concrete sarcophagus of the reators was in an abysmal bad state and that the costs of repair were
estimated at 1.5 million dollars (1998)

VALENTIN FUSTER CARULLA, born 1943, was a Spanish-Amercan cardiologist, and editor of the "Journal of the Americaollege of Cardiology" = name, 2020

VALENTIN LUSIN, born 1987 Saint Petersburg, Russia, was a Russian dancer and dancing instructor, 2020. Later he lived in Germany and took part in the RTL show "Let`s Dance" with his
wifre RENATA, 2020