Gender: Male
Origin: Old German (sometimes used in South Germany)
TUTILO, Saint of March 28 and April 27, supposedly identical with TUTILO OF GALL

TUTILO OF GALL, variant to TUOTILO OF GALL, born in Ireland, about 850- about 915, was a medieval monk and composer.
He was called “a renaissance man: he was a speaker, poet, hymnist, architect, painter, sculptor, metal worker and mechanic”
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuotilo (2012) variants TUTILO

TUTILO, variant of DODILO, 980, bishop of Brandenburg, until he got murdered; according to HEINRICH WAGNER's list “Liste der Bischöfe des deutschen
Reiches des deutschen Reiches bis etwa zur Mitte des 15 Jahrhundert“ (2005), http://www.historica.gmxhome.de/episcopi.htm (2008), Heustreu, Germany

TUTILO BURGER, born 1965, as a Benectine monk. He was abbot of Beuron monastery in Germany; www.en.wiwikipedia.org = name, 2018