Gender: Female
Origin: Kirgise
TAISIA, 24, from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, looking for a mate to marry via Internet www.bride.ru, 2003

TAISIA ABDUL KARIMOVNA, “Magamadova épouse Muzajeva, Taisia Abdul Karimovna, née à Alkhan-Kala (Russie) le 12 décembre 1961. » Naturalized in Belgium by article 74 of the
constitution. Published in Staatsblad / Moniteur on 3 May 2007; http://www.staatsbladclip.be/lois/2007/06/15/loi-2007009517.html

TAISIA ANTONOVA, co-founder of "Polyteia" that supports city managements in Germany in the data field, 2018