Gender: Female
Origin: American / Albanian
SADIE FROST, Canadian actress in the Hungarian-German Swiss movie "Freischütz" -1994; "The Cisco Kid" - 1994. Spouse of JUDE LAW

SADIE BAJRAMI, from Mitrowice, Yugoslavia, expelled by the Serbs, later in Kukes, Albania.
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SADIE WETHERBEE, from Lafayette College; participant in the first Armory Collegiate Invitational “Armory Track & Field
Center”, presented by the NYRRC, USA, January 2001 (women's 4x400 m relay)

SADIE VON BEVEREN, from Holland, brother of BENJIMINE DOORN, born 1867; from Holland, listed in (2012)

SADIE BJORNSEN, born 1989, from USA, competitor in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia,
2014 - - cross country

SADIE CREESE, from Oxford University, speaker on the "Falling Walls" Award in 2016 in Singapore (
"Falling Walls" is based in New York City