Gender: Male
Origin: Latin / American / Nepali / Romanian
SABIN JOSEF STEFAN, parish priest of Sparchen-Kufstein in the Tyrol, died aged 46 below Pfandlhof, Kaisertal. A chapel was built in his memory there

SABIN WILLETT, American lawyer of ABABEHIR QASIM, released from the U.S. terrorist prisoner camp in Guantanamo, Cuba. Found asylum in Albania from
persecutions of the Chinese who accused him of supporting the "East Turkestan" independence movement of the Uigur minority in the Xingjian province in the
Northeast of China, 2006. He concentrated his practice in commercial litigation and bankruptcy litigation. He is experienced in complex commercial disputes

SABIN STREETER, co-author and editor of the book "Gig - Americans talk about their jobs about the turn of the Millennium", with MARISA BOWE, 2000

SABIN RAI, born 1998, attended the Austrian-funded school at Kathmandu "1. Österreichdorf" Nepal, 2003, class 3

SABIN TAMBREA, born 1984 in Targu Mures, Romania, was a Geaetrman-Romanian actor as
Chris in "Shakespeares Saemtliche Werke" in the Theater Hagen 2004, - = name, 2021