Gender: Female
Origin: Indian
RABINA KHAN, "has worked for the last fourteen years as a Community Regeneration worker in Tower Hamlets in London's East End. She has worked for
Tower Hamlets Council in the social and education sectors and for government regeneration initiatives such as Bethnal Green City Challenge managing a
variety of education and empowerment projects for women and young girls from ethnic minority communities. These included the Women's Life Guard and
Youth Work Training Programs. Rabina has also been involved in various community initiatives in Tower Hamlets, such as “Women Unite Against Racism”, FGM
Awareness and Healthy Eating." She took "part in the “Spitafields Women's Literary Festival” 2004 & 2005 along with Claire Morral, Yasmin Albhai Brown. She was
awarded a Tower Hamlets Civic Award" -http://www.fore-word.com/authorRabina.htm (2008)