Gender: Male
Origin: Scandinavian = Nordic Superior God
ODIN ADELSTEN BOHMANN, “Politisk Nestleder AUF i Telemark” - active in the political initiative "Nestekjaerlighet“ in Norway,
www.nestekjaerlighet.no/allesammen.php (2007)

ODIN EDGAR SORENSEN, born 1916, from San Francisco, CA, American soldier who died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) - Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC -
http://thewall-usa.com (2009) Air Force - CWO - W4, age 49

ODIN CHARTERA, 3 in 2019, son of American singer NICH CHARTER (Backstreet Boys)

ODIN BENIYTEZ, in the filmcrew of the Hollywood movie "The Tuxedo" with CHARLIE CHAN, 2002. Sound effects editor; www.imdb.com (2021)