Gender: Male
Origin: Latin American
OBDULIO MORALES, composer of the Latin hit "La Culebra". There was a 1999 recording by Cuban singer OSDALGIA, the song is older, though,
was a hit in Mexico in the early 1990s

OBDULIO VARELA, football captain of Peñarol Montevideo in Uruguay and in the 1950 world champion team of Uruguay, refused t-shirts with commercials

OBDULIO ALBERT FONTANET, in the list of self-employed workers in the social security files of the Spanish province Castellón de la plana (REGIMEN 05
R.E.TRABAJADORES CTA. PROP. O AUTONOMOS) January 7-17, 2006; http://sepam.dipcas.es/files/econ_b060117.pdf - “0521 07 120043267901 ALBERT
FONTANET OBDULIO CL QUEVEDO 12 12004 CASTELLON DE 03 12 2005 015970050 0505 0505 342,52”