Gender: Male
Origin: Indian, English form
NAEEM MURR, 1965 born in London and brought up there, from Lebanese and Irish descent; writer "The Boy" - "The Genius of the Sea" - "The Perfect Man" -
"Es nähme mich einerplötzlich ans Herz" -1999

NAEEM UZIMANN, actor in Hollywoodmovies, e.g. in in “Eat Pray Love” with JULIA ROBERTS, 2010 -

NAEEM MOHAMMAD AAMIR, “Mohammad Aamir Naeem, né à Iskander - Abad (Pakistan) le 14 août 1972. » - Naturalized in Belgium by article 74 of the constitution.
Published in Staatsblad / Moniteur on 3 May 2007;