Gender: Female
Origin: Finlipino / American
MACEL INGELS, from the Filipino Resource Center, active in the political initiative „Nestekjaerlighet“ in Norway, (2007)

MACEL KRUSE, generation 2006 of "Realschule Berenbostel", Lower Saxonia, Germany,

MACEL FALWELL, praised for their long-lasting marriage to JERRY FALWELL on (2008)
"What You Can Learn From the Marriage of Macel and Jerry Falwell - Married for 49 years, Macel and Jerry Falwell had a long-lasting, traditional marriage. Many
consider their marriage to be a role model for couples who want to have a traditional marriagerelationship" - "Jerry died on May 15, 2007 at the age of 73 in
Lynchburg, Virginia. Found unconscious in his Liberty University office, Reverend Falwell had heart problems dating back to 2005"

MACEL WILSON, from Hawaii, Miss USA 1962