Gender: Male
Origin: German / Chinese
KAI AUGUST MOSCHALL, born 2009, grandson of JOACHIM MOSCHALL, Stephanskirchen; variant: KAI-AUGUST

KAI WULFF, American actor in "Wild Orchid III: the red shoe diary" -1992

KAI TSUN LAM, from Hong Kong, competitor in the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens - cycling Track. He was also on the 2008 Olympic team in Beijing

KAI PFLAUME, born 1967, German TV Host ("Nur die Liebe zählt" - 2004)

CHIN KAI ONG, from Singapore, wrote a letter to the editor of the American magazine Newsweek, 1996

KAI LENNOX, American actor, as Elliot in the US movie "Beginners“ by MIKE MILLS, 2010

KAI HORWITZ, competitor in the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, www.pyeochang2018 - alpine skiing

KAI HAVERTZ, born 1999, was a German professional footballer. In 2021 he played with Chelsea;