Gender: Female
Origin: English, short for JACQUELINE .
JACQUI HAWKINS, author of children's books ("Hexen" -1981)

JACQUI AGYEPONG, coloured athlete from Great Britain (hurdles). Fotographer HERB RITTS (1952-2002) and ANNIE LIEBOVITZ took nude shots of
her in 1997 which the elder lady shows with pride, 2012 http://www.ocaiw.com/galleria_fotografi/index.php?lang=en&author=ritts&id=21

JACQUI KATONA, spokesperson of the Mirrar-Aborigines in Australia, activist against another uranium mine in Kakadu National Park, 1996

JACQUI GRAHAM, got very special thanks in the dedication of the novel "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" by DOUGLAS ADAMS, 1980

JACQUI SMITH, born 1962 as JACQUELINE JILL SMITH, British Home Secretary, 2008

JACQUI COOPER, born 1973, from Australia, competitor in the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, Canada - Freestyle skiing