Gender: Female
Origin: English
JADE LEUNG, actress from Hong Kong in "Black Cat" -1991

JADE MALLE, French actress in "Man on Fire" -1986

JADE JAGGER, born 1971 in Paris, France, was a British jwellery designer, home designer and form model. She was the daughter of humand rights advocate BIANCA
JAGGERA and Rolling Stones lead singer MICK JAGGER. Full name JADE SHEENA JEZEBEL JAGGER; www.en.wiwikipedia.org = name, 2021

JADE GOODY, competitor in the British TV show “Celebrity Big Brother“ 2007- until she was fired for racist attacks on competitor SHILPA SHETTY. GOODY retained her celebrity status, however, at
least until her death of cancer, 2009-03-29