Gender: Female
Origin: French < Hebrew = The Lord may protect
JACQUELINE BISSET, born 1944, full Name WINIFRED JACQUELINE FRASER BISSET, British actress, in "Le Magnifique" -1973 with JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO

JACQUELINE 'JACKIE' KENNEDY-ONASSIS, 1928-1994, spouse of the American President
JOHN F. KENNEDY. After his death spouse of ARISTOTELES ONASSIS

JACQUELINE FRACHON, journalist with France Soir, 1996

JACQUELINE DU PRÉ, 1945-1987, British cellist

JACQUELINE BECK, choreographer, at the Hannover Expo 2000. Tanzhaus Zürich ("Nachtlicht") in 2007

JACQUELINE WONG, form Hong Kong China, competitor for Miss World, Indonesia, 2013 - www.missworld.com/Contestants/

JACQUELINE HUNT, from RSA, in the board of Allianz, 2017