Gender: Male
Origin: English
JACK, Saint of July 2

JACK NICHOLSON, born 1937 in Neptune, New Jersey, USA; American actor ("One flew over the cuckoo's nest" 1975) - www.imdb.com = name, 2018

JACK LEMMON, 1925-2001, American actor ("Cowboy" - 1957) www.imdb.com = name, 2018

JACK LONDON, 1876-1916, American writer. Real name JOHN GRIFFITH

JACK RUSSEL, was a small white fox terrier who was first bred by the reverend JOHN RUSSELL, a parson and hunting
enthusiast, born in 1795. In 1819 he purchased a white and tan with just a patch of dark over each eye. The female, from
which all the other dogs descended was called TRUMP. www.enwikipedia.org = name, 2017

JACK BLACK, American musician, songwriter and actor. His breakthrough came at 34 years with the film "School of Rock" (2004)