Gender: Male
Origin: Spanish / Portuguese
JACINTO, Saint of January 30, August 17, September 11, October 29

JACINTO BENAVENTO, Spanish dramatist ("Evil Doers of Good" - "The Little Prince Who Learned Everything Out of Books" -2001) variant BENEVENTO

JACINTO BANDUA, ex-general general of the Unita forces in Angola, 2000

JACINTO PEREIRA, born 1973 in Luanda; a member of the national football team of Angola at the World Championship in Germany, 2006

NERY JACINTO BRENES, born 1930, from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, American soldier who died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) - Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC -
http://thewall-usa.com (2009) Army - SGT - E5, age 37