Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic < Hebrew
IBRAHIM RUGOVA, President of the self-proclaimed "Replic of Kosova". Later winner in the first free elections after the NATO invention, 1999.
First president of Kosovo, 2002

IBRAHIM BARE MAINASSARA, leader of a military coup in Niger, 1997

IBRAHIM ZAHER, from Egypt, competitor in the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens - water polo

IBRAHIM AL-MARASHI, while being a student in California he wrote a paper on the situation in Iraq which was copied by the British Secret Service MI6
to prove that SADDAM HUSSEIN possessed weapons of mass destruction. (“They even copied my mistakes”). This was eagerly taken up by Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to assist his friend
GEORGE W. BUSH who began the Iraq War in 2003. AL-MARASHI came up with the truth in 2009

IBRAHIM TATLISES, born 1952, from Urfa, prominent Turkish Arabesk singer, 2012, (Hís real name TATLI became TATLISES = sweet voice) - He was assassinated in 2011 -

IBRAHIM MOHAMED SOLIH, was a Presiden of the Malives, elected in 2018