Gender: Male
Origin: North German / Persian, Farsi
HORST HAIDER MUNSKE, professer of German in Erlangen, Bavaria, 1974

HAIDER AHMED, from Iraq, competitor in the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens - weightlifting

HAIDER HASSAN, store-clerk at the Al-Rasheed hotel in Baghdad's Green Zone, quoted in TIME May 7, 2007 "Living here is like living in Europe. You miss nothing. Outside the gates is hell"

HAIDER ALI, born 1984, from Pakistan; competitor in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. Athletics

HAIDER AMIRY, from Afghanistan. He was threatened to be killed by the Taliban because he worked for the Germans. Escaped to Landau, Germany and took his family with him, assisted by "Arbeitskreis
Humanitaere Hilfe fuer Asylbwerber Neustadt Weinstrasse"

HAIDER AL-ABADI, Prime Minister of Iraq, 2016