Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic
GAMAL ABDEL NASSER, 1918 in Assiut, Egypt, -1970. He became President of Egypt by an overthrow of government, 1952. Most memorable feater: he
had the Assuan Dam built, 1960

GAMAL AWAD, from Egypt who had with JAHANGIR KHAN the longest squash duel in history: 2
hours and 46 seconds.The first set lasted 1 hour, 11 seconds, 1997

TURK GAMAL BERU, from Sudan, competitor in the All African Games, Abuja, Nigeria, Oct 11-16, 2003

GAMAL MUBARAK, 43, son of Egyptian president HOSNI MUBARAK, married 24-year-old CHADIGA EL-GAMAL, 2007