Gender: Male
Origin: Hungarian
GÁBOR BÁNHEGYI, professor and a member of the medical staff of Semmelweis University Budapest, 2007 (www.sote.hu)

GÁBOR ERDÉLYI, sound editor, in the sound department of the film “Bab `Aziz, the Prince that contemplated his soul” (Germany 2005)

GÁBOR ORSOS, Hungarian owner of Orsos GbmH in Graz, Austria. He offered a floating island for the well-off, 1000 square metres for Euro 5 million, 2012

GÁBOR BETHLEN, 1580-1629, uncrowned king of Hungary, full name GÁBRIEL BETHLEN DE IKTÁR - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabriel_Bethlen;
Variant GÁBÓR