Gender: Male
Origin: American, short for GABRIEL
GABE KAPLAN, Canadian actor in "Wie werde ich meinen Mörder los?" - 1981

GABE CRONELLYN, stuntman in the Hollywood movie „The Man who Cried“ („Stürmische Zeiten“) with CATE BLANCHETT, JOHNNY DEPP and CHRISTINA RICCI (2001)

GABE WINKLER, from USA, competitor in the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens - rowing

GABE BALTAZAR, born 1929 in Hilo, Hawaii, jazz musician, clarinet, piano

LAWRENCE GABE BORQUEZ, born 1949, from Los Angeles, CA, American soldier who died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) - Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC - (2009) Marine Corps - PVT - E1, age 19

GABE SAPORTA, American musician, singer with the band Cobra Starship, 2012