Gender: Male
Origin: French
GAETAN DE CHATENET, French writer ("Die Welt der Echsen, Schlangen und Luchse" -1995)

GAETAN BRIZZI, he and his brother PAUL were the movie directors to "Asterix - Sieg über Cäsar" -1985

GAETAN DUGAS, was a good-looking gay steward from Los Angeles who died of AIDS at 32
years. He was the first name in the American AIDS statistics bearing the number zero (1981). Thus
he was the most hated patient ever. In 2016 he was rehabilitated - variant GAÉTAN

GAETAN JEAN GUY BEAUDOIN, born 1948, from Manchester, NH, American soldier who died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) - Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC - (2009) Army - SGT - E5, age 20