Gender: Female
Origin: Hungarian
FRUZSINA PREGNITZER, born 1959 in Budapest, as Marie France in "Meeting Venus" -1991, directed by ISTVÁN SZABÓ

FRUZSINA KAISER, contributor to the "Lonely Planet“ travel guide „Madagascar“ (headquarters in Australia) by DAVID ANDREW, BECCA BLOND, e.a. - 2008

FRUZSINA BRAVIK, born 1986, from Hungary, competitor in the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing - water polo

FRUZSINA KEEHN, proprieter of an "INTERIOR DESIGN, DECORATION AND JEWELRY" store. "A firm believer that timeless elegance, taste and quality need not be synonymous with extravagance.
New York born designer Fruzsina Keehn has successfully built a fine jewelry and interior design business around this concept." (2014)