Gender: Male
Origin: English, short for EDWARD
ED HARRIS, born 1950, American actor in "Code Name: Emerald" -1985

ED WELLER, American astromaut, repaired the space telescope Hubble in February 1997

ED RUSCHA, modern American artist, invited among other celebrities to the 25th anniversary lunch of LEO CASTELLIs art gallery in 18th East 77th Street, New York, February 1, 1982

ED VERN ANDERSON, died 1965, listed in the death-files of Smith County, Texas, USA, by GINA HEFFERMAN, 2000 (“Transcription and typographical errors
are possible”) - ttp://files.usgwarchives.org/tx/smith/vitals/deaths/smithd65.txt (2008)

ED SHEERAN, born 1991, British pop singer; Grammy 2015