Gender: Male
Origin: Scandinavian (Norway)
DAGFINN LINDBOM, 45, from Oslo, in the Norwegian community site http://skatt.na24.no (2007)

DAGFINN GARNES-JOHNSEN, from Etne, Norway, age 48, bike racer, supporter of a Norwegian petition against doping in the cycling sport (“We demand that
the organisers accept an even greater responsibility, that the teams no longer contract cyclists who have at one time been convicted of doping, even when their
competition bans have expired, and that a significantly more efficient organisation for doping testing is set up.”) http://www.cyklistermotdoping.com (2007)

DAGFINN FALCH, pensioner, retired physician; active in the political initiative „Nestekjaerlighet“ in Norway, www.nestekjaerlighet.no/allesammen.php (2007)