Gender: Female
Origin: Polish
CYMBURGIS, variant of ZIMBURGIS OF MASOVIA, 1394 or 1397 - 1429, spouse of Habsburgian Duke ERNEST THE IRON. "in January 1412
became the second wife of the Habsburg Duke Ernest the Iron of Austria (since 1414 Archduke) and thus a Duchess/Archduchess of the Inner
Austrian line in Styria, Carinthia and Carniola." - "Cimburgis was born at Warsaw in the Duchy of Masovia to Duke Siemovit IV of the Masovian Piast
dynasty and his wife Alexandra of Lithuania, daughter of Grand Duke Algirdas, a scion of the Gediminid dynasty, and sister of WŁADYŁAW II JAGIEŁŁO,
King of Poland." - (2014)