Gender: Male
Origin: English
CUTHBERT, Saint of March 20. He lived from 620-687. He was the saint of sailors and shepherds.
Variant GISBERT of Lindisfarne

CUTHBERT TAYLOR, 27, a crew member of HMS Titanic when she sank on her maiden voyage 1912; one of the victims

JOHN THEODORE CUTHBERT MOORE-BRABAZON, 1884-1864, British aircraft pioneer, learned to fly a plane in 1908. The giant British passenger plane
Bristol-Brabazon, a milestone on the way to intercontinental traveling carried his name, 1949. Each passenger there was allowed space equivalent to three cars

CUTHBERT BURBAGE, brother of RICHARD BURBAGE; the leading actor of the "Lord Chamberlain's Men", the theater troupe WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE
belonged to. The brothers shared ownership of the Globe Theatre in London, erected 1599

CUTHBERT NYASANGO, born 1982, from Zimbabwe, competitor in the Berlin Marathon 2009, one of the top athletes

JAMES CUTHBERT HARTNEY, born 1925, from Fort Lauderdale, FL, American soldier who died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) - Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC - (2009) Air Force - COL - O6, age 52

CUTHBERT NYASANGO, born 1982, from Zimbabwe, marathon

CUTHBERT OF MELROSE, about 634-687, Northhumbrian Saint. He was a monk, bishop and hermit; = name, 2020