Gender: Male
Origin: Scandinavian, variant of KALLE
CALLE BJERNEKULL, from Stockholm (Sverige). Age 28. Club Fredrikshof. Recreational cyclist, supporter of a Norwegian petition against doping in the cycling sport (“We demand that the
organisers accept an even greater responsibility, that the teams no longer contract cyclists who have at one time been convicted of doping, even when their
competition bans have expired, and that a significantly more efficient organisation for doping testing is set up.”) (2007)

CALLE BØRRESEN, camera operator, active in the political initiative "Nestekjaerlighet“ in Norway, (2007)

CALLE HALFVARSSON, born 1989, from Sweden, competitor in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, 2014 - - cross country

CALLE CLAUS, 42, German graphic designer; worked for six years on his latest comic book, "Dorle", "White Line", 2014