Gender: Female
Origin: French
CAMILLE CODUN, British actress in "Nuns on the Run" -1989

CAMILLE COSBY, wife of American actor BILL COSBY. "The fascinating woman married to Bill Cosby reveals what helped
her heal after their son's tragic murder, why she's stood by her husband for nearly four decades—and how she emerged from her darkest year to find joy" (2000)

CAMILLE ABILY, born 1984, from France, competitor in the London Olympics 2012 - football -

CAMILLE DIAS, born 1996, from Switzerland, competitor in the Winter Olympics in Sochi,
Russia, 2014 - - alpine skiing for Portugal

CAMILLE ROWE, born 1990, was aFrench-Americn model and actress. Full name CAMILLE ROWE-POURCHERESSE, (wikipedia.2017)

CAMILLE CLAUDEL, 1864-1943, French scuptor