Gender: Male
Origin: Italian < Latin = the honorable
CAMILLO RUINI, cardinal in the Vatican, aged 74 he was one of the candidates to succeed Pope John Paul II, 2005

CAMILLO FELGEN, 1920-2005, singer and TV entertainer from Luxemburg (Camille Jean Nicolas Felgen)

CAMILLO VITTORIO MARIA MASSIMO, born 1898, a problem case from Adelsdatenbank Erlangen, 2004 -( case 5816:
Gesucht: Eltern von Maria Giacinta Della Porta aus folgender Ehe: Camillo Vittorio Maria Massimo * d'Arsoli (15.8.1803-6.4.1873) oo Maria Giacinta Della Porta (18.2.1821-26.3.1898)

CAMILLO VON KLENZE, 1865-1943, professor in Chicago, IL, USA; unlinke other sources he was not the son of the German architect LEO VON KLENZE