Gender: Female
Origin: American
CALLIE SHELL, American photographer. Competitor in the World Press Photo Contest 2003 - - She
won the first prize in the category “spot news stories” of the World Press Photo Award 2009 with a shot of BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA - her photos helped OBAMA in his election campaign

CALLIE MYERS TENNESSEE, mother of ANGLE MYERS, born 1965, from New Orleans, Louisiana, on the Red Cross search list after the hurricane Katrina had
hit the Gulf Region of the United States, 2005 (

CALLIE ROXANA COOK, “Cook, Callie Roxana 12-9-1965 F Widowed” died 1965, listed in the death-files of Smith County, Texas, USA, by GINA
HEFFERMAN, 2000 (“Transcription and typographical errors are possible”) - ttp:// (2008)

CALLIE CORDAY, born 05 Dec 1992, listed in the CHESKIS family tree (USA) (2008)

CALLIE WILKINSON, a victim or a victim's relative or friend after hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Region of the United States, 2005; (2007)
“Helen & J.C. Wilkinson Of Biloxi your Grand - Daughter Callie is praying for you all call her at 601- 648 - 2533...”