Gender: Female
Origin: American
CALLIE SHELL, American photographer. Competitor in the World Press Photo Contest 2003 - - She
won the first prize in the category “spot news stories” of the World Press Photo Award 2009 with a shot of BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA - her photos helped OBAMA in his election campaign

CALLIE HERNANDEZ, born 1989, American actress, known for her roles n "LaLaLand" and "Blair Witch" - (2019)

CALLIE ROXANA COOK, “Cook, Callie Roxana 12-9-1965 F Widowed” died 1965, listed in the death-files of Smith County, Texas, USA, by GINA
HEFFERMAN, 2000 (“Transcription and typographical errors are possible”) - ttp:// (2008)

CALLIE CORDAY, born 05 Dec 1992, listed in the CHESKIS family tree (USA) (2008)