Gender: Male
Origin: Persian, Farsi
BAHMAN GHOBADI, Iranian movie maker of Turkish origin, won the 2000 Golden Palm of Cannes for his debut film "Zamani barayé" = "Zeit für Pferdesucht"; Received the "Un certain regard"
award at Cannes, 2009 for "Kasi az gorbehaye irani khabar nadarehi" about cats; variant GHOBAD

BAHMAN ANSARI, born 1979, from Iran, competitor in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. Football 7-a-side

BAHMAN GUYURON, of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH; his team did research on twins and how different lifestyles affect people's health. In 2001 he found that facelifting often
helped against migraine

BAHMAN ARDALAN, in the sound department of the film “Bab `Aziz, the Prince that contemplated his soul” (Germany 2005)

BAHMAN SIEFI, from Iran, competitor in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, wheelchair-basketball

BAHMAN BAKHTIAR, son of TEYMUR BAKHTIAR, 1914-1970, was a Persian general and the founder and head of SAVAK from 1956-1961. When he was dismissed by the SHAH in 1970, Savak
agents assassinated him in Iraq - = name, 2020