Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic / Malay / Albanian
AZIM HUSSEIN, from London, wrote a letter to the editor of Newsweek in 1996

AZIM PREMJI, boss of the IT-company WIPRO in India and a billionaire, 2005, in the 2008 Forbes list of the world's richest people, rank 60 with 12.7 billion dollars

HAJI ABDUL AZIM, aka Prince AZIM, was the second son of ruler HASSANAL BOLKIAH. He is
fourth in line to succeed the throne of Brunei and a paparazzi favourite

AZIM RIZA NUHU, on a list of applicants for police service, added to an article on police reform in Albania by ETLEVA DELIA „Tirana Observer“ May 22, 2008 ( “LISTA me emrat e
aplikanteve” -