Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic
ABANOUB SALAMA, a member of the Internet community facebook, Australia network, 2008, with photo, http://de-

ABANOUB OF NEHESA, aka Abba Nob, Christian Martyr Saint in Egypt during the rule of Roman
Emperor DIOCLETIAN, 240-311. He worked many miracles and died very young, at the age of 12

ABANOUB BASSELY, 21, son of NAKOULA BASSELEY NAKOULA, born 1957, was a Egyptian-American Copitc Christian. He lived in the Los Angeles area, CA, USA, where he made the film
"The Innocence of Muslims" that roused the Islamic world. The American ambassador in Bengasi, Libya, was killed, the German Embassy in Sudan was attacked. The man has had a criminal past
and he will be pleased with his provocation. ABANOUB payed the actors of the movie. Variant ABANOB