Gender: Female
Origin: Arabic = the superb
AALIYAH, born 1979 in Brooklyn, New York; American singer-actress; "Romeo must die" -1999; "Miss You". She died 2001 in a small plane crash

AALIYAH ALISSA COLEMAN, born 2000 in New Orleans, on the Red Cross search list after the hurricane Katrina had hit the Gulf Region of the United States, 2005

AALIYAH IDRISSOU, born 2004, daughter of Cameroon's numer one football player, MOHAMADOU IDRISSOU.
After the separation from his fiancée he declined fatherhood, 2012

AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON, 1979-2001, American actress, artist, dancer and model (http://themeaningofthename.com/aaliyah-haughton) 2013 - https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaliyah_(Vorname)

AALIYAH ARMSTRONG, bride in the famous viral wedding haka video of January 22, 2016 via Facebook