Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic
ABDELAZIZ BOUTEFLIKA, Algerian Secretary of State. He became president in 1999 - as he was the only candidate...

ABDELAZIZ AL HAKIM, a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Councel in Iraq. He was one of the most important leaders of the country (1982-2003)

ABDELAZIZ BELKHADEM, Algerian Prime Minister , 2006

ABDELAZIZ BOUCHAIR, “Bouchair, Abdelaziz, né à Batna (Algérie) le 28 juin 1977.” - Naturalized in Belgium by article 74 of the constitution. Published in
Staatsblad / Moniteur on 3 May 2007; http://www.staatsbladclip.be/lois/2007/06/15/loi-2007009517.html

ABDELAZIZ TEBBOUNE, President of Algeria, since 2019