Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic
ABDEL SALEH, Minister of agriculture in Palestine under ARAFAT. He was fired because he
proceeded against corruption, 2001

ABDEL AISI RANTISI, 52, infant doctor in the Gaza Strip. He was one of the leaders of the Hamas and escaped an missile attack. Anyway he was killed
by an Israeli commando in 2004

ABDEL COUBADJA, born 1979 in Sokodé, a member of the national football team of Togo at the
World Championship in Germany, 2006

ABDEL GADIR ABDALLA, from Sudan; competitor in the All African Games, Abuja, Nigeria, Oct 11-16, 2003

ABDEL BASET ALI AL-MEGRAHI, responsible for the raid on a passenger plane above the Scottish Lockerbie, 1988. Died of cancer 2012

ABDEL FATTAH EL-SISI, born 1954, was an Egyptian general and politician and president of Egypt since 2014